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WHERE DID DACHE COME FROM?? [04 Jul 2001|04:50pm]

Dache is an abbreviation (Bastardization) of the term Berdache, (Bur'Dash) a european bastardization of the Middle Eastern terms for "male concubine." Europeans used the word Berdache to refer to the phenomenon of certain members of native american tribes living and dressing as members of the opposite sex of their tribe. Although Berdache was a derogatory european term, the actual role of individual berdaches was often one of shaman; they were usually respected spiritual figures in the tribe, honored for their transgendered status and played a vital role in their native communities.

One day in a Tulsa University gay and lesbian studies class two young queens were learning about the Berdache, not particularly paying attention to their incorrect pronunciation (Bur'Da'Chee). Being two lazy queens at that, they eventually began to refer to all transgendered individuals as Daches. Short, convenient and cute, without alerting ignorant others to the controversial nature of what they really meant.

Dache has been evolving ever since. It provides a badly needed alternative language in which to refer to not only the transgender phenomenon, but all aspects of physical queerness that set one apart as different from the get-go. In other words... we are able to move beyond a very moronic and limiting gender binary (you are either male or female, nothing else) in a way that both redefines gender AND queerness. Dache is tha bomb.

more later.
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ooh our first dache busting game! [04 Jul 2001|01:34am]
[ mood | amused ]

pass the dache on the left hand side...hehee

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WHAT IS DACHE? [04 Jul 2001|12:20am]

Dache (Da'Chee)

1. A physical manifestation of queer otherness that blurs the lines of recognition between the sexes.

2. A person who embodies an ambiguous physical otherness.

3. Any person who is either outwardly or secretly transgendered.

more definitions to come. stay tuned!
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